Britain is better suited for a switch to electric cars than any of our European neighbours.

  • Two-thirds of UK fleet cars and vans could swap to electric and save money 
  • EVs could save public and private organisations almost £1m over seven years  
  • 19 million+ metric tons of CO2 emissions would be avoided over same period

That’s according to a new report looking at how easily different countries could switch to electric cars based on current driving patterns.

Two-thirds of UK cars and vans currently used by private owners and public sector organisations could easily be replaced by electric vehicles – and this would save drivers and businesses money, transport solutions company Geotab found in its analysis.

The claim comes despite the UK having some of the poorest EV incentives on offer when compared to European rivals and major concerns about switching to battery cars sparking a decline in demand in recent months.

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The ‘Taking Charge: On the Road to an EV future‘ report analysed driver data from 1.3 million cars and vans across seven countries over 12 months.

It found that 66 per cent of UK vehicles currently on the road are ‘EV suitable’ based on two metrics – this meant that they could easily be swapped for an electric vehicle, not that the actual vehicle could be turned into one.

The first metric measured average daily driving distances recorded by motorists – and determined whether these could be covered by EVs on sale today based on existing ranges.

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