Our homes hold our most treasured people and possessions so it is paramount that we keep it safe.


Most of us have gas and electricity coming into our homes daily. These are sources of great energy and incredibly useful in day to day life for heating and cooking, and driving the complex systems that surround us.

To some extent we take their safety for granted, but what is it that keeps us safe? The cornerstones of safety are actually quite simple:

  • Regulations give us the bedrock in which standards are set by expert bodies that build on the experience of past generations. This ensures that correct materials are used and proper standards used in installation and maintenance.
  • Product quality at the point at which electricity or gas is used is also ensured by a complex international net of rules and agreements. These agreements include testing to make sure each product has been adequately checked.
  • The final step is us. The end user must use systems as instructed and watch out for any signs of issues or errors and raise problems with appropriate experts. Even the best designed systems can suffer from wear and tear or component failure.

So how does this apply to battery storage?

Bringing battery storage into the house means that we want to be confident that the batteries we choose are of the highest quality and do not pose any risk. At FuelIncluded.com, our design selection for the PowerBanx system was very much made with this in mind:

  • Safety. We have chosen the most established and safest of the many Lithium battery chemistries to make sure the battery is intrinsically safe.
  • Simplicity. With PowerBanx we have chosen a system with no moving parts; that does not rely on complex cooling systems and pumps to keep it cool. For a system we expect to be running for 20 years, this is vital.
  • Intelligence. Every battery has its own built in computer monitoring internally hundreds of times a second, and ready to shut it off safely if anything is amiss.
  • Modularity. With many separate smaller batteries joined together and monitored independently, we reduce risk, and make replacement or enhancement simple.

Battery storage gives us more ways to manage and control the energy we use in our lives. Let’s be sure that we do it safely.