Leaked reports yesterday appeared to suggest that the government is considering including some hybrid cars in a sale ban to be enforced by 2040, much to the misguided anger of Prius owners and the auto industry.

In fact this suggestion doesn’t go far enough, and to clear our air, meet our international responsibilities and seize the economic benefits of clean vehicles, we need to end petrol and diesel vehicle sales, including hybrids, way before 2040.


This is not just a business or industry issue. Climate change, driven by our carbon emissions, is one of the biggest threats to nature. If we’re going to meet our Paris climate commitments, the UK will need to be a “zero carbon” economy by no later than 2050, as Conservative MP Claire Perry said in Parliament last week. That means maxing out the cheapest low-carbon technologies (like fully electric vehicles), with no space left for half measures like hybrids.

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