[I found this article really interesting. Naturally I expected it to highlight the importance of growing your own food, plus pantries and freezers, but I thought the other ideas were also well considered. Trevor]

Lockdown lessons shaping the future of housing

As we find ourselves locked down amid coronavirus, there’s more demand on our homes than ever before. Confined to the same four walls, our properties now have to double up as offices, classrooms and gyms, while food storage, outside space and interior cleanliness have become vital. From space-savvy storage solutions to touch-free technology, the current crisis has taught us that these home features should be non-negotiable from now on.

Home grown food! (Image: T. Larkum)

Home grown food (Image: T. Larkum)

1. More Freezer Space

One thing that’s for sure is that lockdown has proven how valuable freezer space can be. Ideal for bulk cooking family dinners, storing emergency meals and stocking up on frozen veggies in case you can’t make it to the shops, having ample freezer room has become essential. As well as buying into models with ample storage capacity, the key is to make the most of every inch; be clever with your organisation, remove excess ice and minimise unnecessary packaging that might be taking up valuable space.

2. Home gyms and exercise spaces

Before lockdown, many enjoyed regular trips to the gym, yoga studio, or leisure centre, but as soon as measures kicked in, these venues were the first to close. While PE with Joe and Zoom fitness classes have taken off, many will be missing the endorphins rush of their usual routine, so one thing the current situation has taught us is that we all need a place at home where we can let off some steam. Whether you want a cool gym setup or a zen spot for getting your Downward Dog on, at-home workout zones have become non-negotiable.

3. Food pantries

As well as being more savvy with our storage, many have realised the need for additional space for dried goods. Once a staple in homes as far back as the Middle Ages, food pantries fell out of favour when modern refrigerators and sleek kitchen units began to rise to popularity. Yet as people stocked up on essentials to see them through the crisis, they found that their limited kitchen storage was simply not sufficient, marking a new era for the humble pantry. This incredible design by @rustichomemomma proves that style and practicality can go hand in hand.

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