Over 100,000 battery electric vehicles sold between January and April

Sales of electric vehicles have got off to a record start this year, the latest sign that British consumers are shifting their preferences towards greener modes of transport.

There were more than 100,000 battery electric vehicles sold between January and April, the earliest in the year the milestone has ever been crossed.

The figures for total electric vehicle sales marked a 10 per cent increase from April 2023, according to data published on Sunday by New AutoMotive, an independent transport research organisation.

Electric Vehicle Sales Slump

The increasing popularity of electric vehicles propelled their market share to 17.2 per cent of total new car purchases. Of the anticipated 1.9 million new car sales this year, over 300,000 are projected to be fully electric.

The growth in sales benefited both premium brands like BMW, Audi and Mercedes and more affordable ones like MG, Hyundai and Kia.

The UK’s Zero Emissions Vehicle mandate, a law that requires manufacturers to have a certain percentage of zero-emissions vehicles in their annual sales, played a key role in boosting sales, experts said.

“It’s great to see another 20,000 motorists choose to go electric,” Ben Nelmes, CEO of New AutoMotive, said. “This has been made possible by the UK’s California-style Zero Emissions Vehicle mandate, which encourages car manufacturers to make it easier and cheaper to choose an electric model.”

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