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From plug-in cars to plug-in homes – EV batteries get a second life

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(REPOST: Automotive World)In a world where recyclability has become a necessity, it seems counterintuitive to simply discard something that could still hold a significant amount of energy. The battery pack used to power an electric vehicle (EV) is a prime example, and the industry is investigating how to use, reuse and repurpose old battery packs.

Energy storage being stalled by slow policy development claim MPs

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(REPOST: Clean Energy)Speaking at last week’s Energy Storage and Connected Systems event, hosted by the Renewable Energy Association (REA), shadow minister for energy and climate change Alan Whitehead claimed current energy legislation was now “obsolete” in the face of the changes underway in the sector.

Nissan’s new Leaf to overturn the electric car market?

By |2019-03-27T11:24:47+00:00February 24th, 2018|Comment, electric cars, Leaf, News, Nissan, Reviews, Uncategorized|

(REPOST: Irish Times)It was a presentation which would have made Al Gore green with jealousy, rather than environmental angst. A Powerpoint presentation (all car launches are essentially 98 per cent Powerpoint presentations) which spoke of just what an impact on the environment the outgoing Nissan Leaf has had.

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