While it’s easy to be amused by technology-averse family members complaining that smart tech “gets everywhere these days,” there’s more than a hint of truth to that statement. No longer is the smart home limited to voice assistants or color-changing light bulbs — now almost every household device can be made smarter to some degree. Whether that’s always a good thing is debatable, but at the very least, a wider range of smart home tech gives buyers more options to choose from than ever.

With so many new gadgets hitting the market, it’s easy to overlook a few of them. Even those who think they’re in the know when it comes to cutting-edge tech might have missed a few of the latest releases, and for those who consider themselves “out of the loop,” the huge array of tech out there can seem staggering. We’ve rounded up a selection of the most unusual tech that has made it into the hands of SlashGear’s test team in recent years — some of which we were impressed by, and some of which we weren’t.

LifeSpan Ampera office bike

Standing desks aim to solve the increasingly common problem of workers sitting still in the same position for too long, but they’re not a perfect solution. While changing from a sitting to a standing position is beneficial compared to not moving at all, it’s still not as beneficial as, say, getting a workout in while you sift through your emails.

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