Solar energy is all around us and has been used for centuries, drying textiles and foods. The sun, the life source of our planet, provides us with valuable solar energy that serves diverse purposes. This energy, comprising light and heat, can be harnessed for various activities, including fostering photosynthesis in plants, generating electricity through photovoltaic (PV) cells, and heating water and food.

Now, let’s check out solar energy and look at the tools often used with it. We’ll also explore 15 everyday ways we use solar power.

What is the Most Common Solar Energy Used?

Solar power has gained popularity as a means of supplying energy to lighting systems that activate post-sunset. From streetlights to garden lamps, solar power ensures the energy required to illuminate the night. These lights incorporate batteries charged during daylight as solar cells capture sunlight. At night, a photoresistor senses the absence of light, prompting a circuit board to initiate battery discharge, powering efficient and bright LED lights.

Solar panels installed for Mr TG in East Finchley, London (N2)

Solar panels installed for Mr TG in East Finchley, London (N2)

1. Solar Electricity 

This use of solar energy has become more popular in recent years, both in regards to solar panels for landlords as well as others. As the cost of solar panels decreases and more people recognise the financial and environmental advantages of solar energy, solar electricity is becoming more widely available. Typically, technicians install a distributed solar PV system on the roofs of homes or businesses.