Trevor Larkum

About Trevor Larkum

Trevor is the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of Tanjent. He has a degree in Physics and Computer Science which he followed with an MSC in Industrial Robotics, then a PhD in machine learning. With over thirty years of experience delivering projects and software, Trevor drives the technical goals of Tanjent Energy.

Can Any Electrician Install Solar Panels?

People often want to know who can install solar panels, and whether it is necessary to use a fully certified company such as ours to do an installation. We'll cover this question in detail here, breaking it down by general electrical requirements, and specific solar requirements. General Electrical Requirements There are essentially no restrictions

Solar Panel and Home Battery Fire Safety

At Tanjent we love helping customers save money on their electricity bills, and reduce their carbon footprint, by installing solar panels and storage batteries. However, it is important to bear in mind that installing solar PV panels on building rooftops can introduce new risks to the building and occupants. Fire resulting from electrical faults

Climate risks have made California uninsurable. When will we wake up?

State Farm will almost entirely stop issuing new policies in California – with climate-exacerbated wildfires and bad public policy a large reason why State Farm, the country’s largest property insurer, announced this week that it will almost entirely stop issuing new policies in California, the country’s largest property insurance market. The reasons for forgoing all

What Are The Benefits of Using an MCS Certified Solar Installer?

We recently completed our MCS assessment and will be going through the process again next year - so why do we go to all that trouble? Well, because MCS, like RECC, is good for our customers. What is MCS? MCS is a standards organisation that certifies low-carbon products and installations used to produce electricity

Benefits of the Renewable Energy Consumer Code (RECC)

We have been members of the Renewable Energy Consumer Code (RECC) for some time now. Through RECC we provide a two year workmanship guarantee that is transferable to a new owner; this guarantee is also backed by an insurance scheme so you can get help even if we cease to trade.So what is RECC and

Tanjent Expands into New Office

Tanjent moves into new Hemel Hempstead office to cope with demand As part of our expansion plans under way to cope with the enormous demand for Solar and Battery systems, Tanjent has moved into new premises in the Hemel Hempstead industrial estate. Main entrance Situated next to the M1 and the M25

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