Corona Safety

Let's Keep Business Safe

Our Corona Safety Protocol

We understand that the Corona virus is a great worry for us all. We know that as a society, we must look after people and minimise infection. However, we must also protect the economy, as this gives us the framework and resources for everything else.

As a result of these ideas, our goals are simple; to carry on business and life as best we can whilst taking steps to keep both ourselves and each other safe. To achieve this, we have outlined a clear and simple protocol to ensure safe installation of all our systems.

Initial quote protocol

The good news is that this is completely remote. We will speak to you on the phone, and use aerial photos from satellites to design and price the right system for you.

Survey Protocol

If you decide to go ahead with a solar system, we shall need to do a site survey. To make this safe from infection we have the following protocol:

  • Communicate before the visit and confirm that neither you nor the surveyor has any symptoms.
  • Wear freshly laundered clothes to ensure no virus transmission.
  • Disinfect survey tools just prior to visit including folders and pens.
  • Wear disposable gloves for the survey.
  • Keep 2m from you at the survey.
  • No paperwork will be left or passed. Any new quotes will be sent electronically after the survey.

Install Protocol

When you go ahead with the install, the protocol is similar to the survey. In addition:

  • Deliveries will be handled by our staff – no need for you to handle anything.
  • All work will complete in a day.
  • We shall wipe down exposed surfaces such as installed equipment and consumer board after the installation.

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