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Solar could increase value of homes by up to £10,000, study finds

A report by conservation organisation WWF and ScottishPower has found that making low carbon improvements – including installing solar panels – could increase the value of domestic properties by up to £10,000. Increasing property value adds to the substantial benefits offered by installing low-carbon technologies such as solar panels and electric vehicle (EV) chargers; for example the

The Pros and Cons of Residential Solar Battery Storage Systems

The increasing popularity of residential solar battery storage systems is a testament to the growing awareness and adoption of clean energy solutions. As more homeowners consider the benefits of harnessing solar power, it is essential to weigh the pros and cons of integrating solar battery storage systems into their homes. This article aims to provide

Battery storage installations expected to snowball to 400GWh by 2030 – report

Annual battery storage installations will surpass 400GWh by 2030, representing a ten-fold increase in current yearly additions. This is according to the latest modeling from Rystad Energy that shows annual capacity additions will snowball in the coming years as storage becomes crucial to the world’s energy landscape. Global BESS capacity additions expanded 60% in

Residential Solar Battery Storage Systems: A Step Towards a Greener Future

The global energy landscape is rapidly changing, with renewable energy sources like solar power playing an increasingly important role in meeting our energy needs. One of the most significant developments in recent years has been the advent of residential solar battery storage systems, which allow homeowners to store the energy generated by their solar panels

Brits increasingly value sustainable homes and clean tech

A survey by electric vehicle (EV) charging company Hive shows that British people increasingly want to install clean technology like solar panels, EV charge points and insulation to make their homes more sustainable. 39% of respondents say they would like to install a home EV charger, although only 4.5% of people in the UK own

Energy experts say long summer days will increase UK solar generation

Experts are predicting that the long summer days will boost solar energy production as the industry marks the Summer Solstice and European Solar Day on 21 June. Recent articles in the Telegraph and the Sun suggested that solar panels do not work efficiently in hot weather, something industry experts say is not true. Solar power contributed 4.4%

The scientist who raised dangers of carbon dioxide in 1950s

Physicist Gilbert Plass predicted climate change, blaming fossil fuels for rising temperatures It’s often assumed that most people in the 1950s were blissfully unaware of climate change, but in fact there were already alarm bells ringing. In 1953, the Canadian physicist Gilbert Plass talked to a scientific meeting about the dangers of carbon dioxide pollution.

Canada is on fire, and big oil is the arsonist

Governments need to represent us, not fossil-fuel profiteers. We need plans to phase out fossil fuel production and emissions Canada is on fire from coast to coast to coast. Thousands have been evacuated, millions exposed to air pollution, New York a doom orange and even the titans of Wall Street choking. Catastrophic flooding in Pakistan,

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