Electric Vehicles

Fully Charged Show 2021 – Popular EVs

Most of our time at Fully Charged was, naturally, spent on our stand telling potential customers about the benefits of solar and battery storage. However, there was still time to go exploring around the show and I began by heading towards the main EV sales area. Here the most popular electric cars were on

Oxfordshire County Council gets green light for on-street EV charging trial

A pilot project trialing 30 on-street electric vehicle (EV) chargers that connect directly to a household’s electricity supply is to be run across Oxford and Cherwell. Having been awarded funding by Innovate UK and the Office for Zero Emissions Vehicles, Oxfordshire County Council and Oxford Direct Services are now expecting installations to start in between

Fully Charged Show 2021

We're just back from the Fully Charged show and had a great time! Tanjent at Fully Charged 2021 (Image: JT/Tanjent) We had a stand to showcase our solar and battery design and install services and had a really successful weekend with lots of surveys books and quotes requested. The Fully Charged Live/Outside

The weekend read: Energy storage potential

As solar and wind make up larger portions of the energy mix, energy storage is becoming an increasingly important piece of the puzzle in keeping electricity networks running smoothly. And as battery costs fall, new business models are emerging to increase the value of battery energy storage projects for both grid operators and project owners.

Energy market booming in Europe with EVs driving growth in the UK

The energy market in Europe is progressing faster than expected despite the impact of COVID-19. In 2020, there was a 53% increase in customer spend compared to 46% in 2019 according to a new report from energy research and consultancy company Delta-EE. In its new State of the Energy Market 2021 report, it shows that

How Long Does It Take For Solar Panels To Pay For Themselves?

Anyone considering investing in solar panels will of course expect that it will be a while before they have paid for themselves by producing valuable electricity. How long it will take to reach breakeven depends on many factors: The initial price of the system, including full installation; the longevity of the hardware components of

Climate change: How can you make your home eco-friendly?

With new homes being built with eco-friendly design in mind, older properties can prove the worst offenders when it comes to their carbon footprint. But making alterations to your existing home can be costly, running into hundreds or even thousands of pounds. So, how can homeowners make their properties kinder to the environment while keeping

How to add a Hub to a Zappi EV Charge Point

We install quite a lot of myEnergi's Zappi electric vehicle charge points as they are well suited to charging an EV from solar panels, potentially for free. The myenergi combo - Zappi, Hub and App (Image: myenergi.com) We are registered with myenergi as an authorised installer, and with the government OZEV Electric

Can solar panels charge an electric car?

Charging your electric car with solar panels is a great way to save money in the long run. We explain why... As electric cars don’t produce any emissions from an engine or exhaust like a regular car, they’re often referred to as 'zero emissions'. It’s undeniably one of the most compelling selling points of an

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